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Brandman University iPad App



Create an iPad app for Brandman University’s continuing education program. On this app, students can complete coursework and teachers can view their progress.


As the UX Designer on the project, I created user flows, wireframes and prototypes that defined and communicated the functionality of the app. The UX documentation for this project was primarily done in Axure. As the product owner for the UX/UI team, I communicated the functionality to designers and wrote user stories that became developer tasks.



More than 20% of adults in the United States have some college education but no degree. Many of those would have the opportunity to level up their careers from completing their degree. The goal of this app was to create a space where it is possible for continuing education students who may work full time or lead very busy lives to complete their degrees. Another goal was that we did not want students to feel isolated. We created social areas of the app where students can message one another and get help. Those notifications also served as encouragements to keep going with coursework and participate. The secret sauce for faculty was the real time reporting. Faculty could see who is speeding through the coursework and who might need a helping hand.