E! Mobile Website



Create a mobile website for eonline.com. The mobile website is fed the same content as the desktop site, but is not equivalent in any other way. Visit the site at eonline.com on a mobile device. 



As the UX Designer on the project, I created site maps and annotated wireframes that communicated the structure, form and interactions of the website. I worked with the client and a small team of designers and developers to create an experience that was enjoyable and engaging for E!’s readers.



E!'s audience includes many intelligent and hard working people who just want to relax and scroll through light hearted celebrity news at the end of a hectic day. For E!'s mobile website, we created an experience with no dead ends. Every piece of content leads into more content. Video clips auto play sequentially and articles link to more articles. E! readers are invited to interact with one another via commenting and polls.