The Project

Gaia is a cross platform streaming media network focused on conscious media. The website hosts over 7000 videos ranging from yoga to conspiracy theory and has hundreds of thousands of monthly subscribers. In 2016, the product team completely recreated Gaia from infrastructure to artwork.

My Role

I lead UX / UI for the Gaia.com redesign. This design work included strategy, UX, UI, prototyping, testing, iterating. I oversaw GUI and grid development, as well as the design of every feature. The team conducted three rounds of user testing prior to launching to inform our decisions. Our design approach is iterative, and Gaia.com continues to evolve today.

A Few Success Metrics

After the relaunch of Gaia, Q4 2016 was the company’s best quarter to date, and the business continues to grow. Post launch, there was a 34% conversion rate increase for member sign ups. In 2016 as a whole, Gaia supported 13 million video views and 30 million site sessions.

Visit Gaia.com to check out the full site.


Feature Example: Onboarding

This prototype shows Gaia's new user onboarding process. After sign up, new users select topics they are interested in, which populates video recommendations on a user's home page. We arrived at this solution through rounds of prototyping and usability testing. Beyond launch, the team continues to iterate and AB test variations. 


Shown below, these user journey documents show onboarding process test variants. 


A Few Screens


GUI Elements

Gaia's GUI is leveraged across web app, mobile apps, tv apps, and marketing pages. A consistent visual language is critical for usability and trust. 


The Process