Teaching UX at the University of Colorado's Studio



For the past five semesters, I taught at the University of Colorado’s Studio graduate program. The graduate program’s mission is to teach innovation through design. Many graduates become UX Designers, Design Leaders and Creative Technologists. My classes focused on UX execution fundamentals, UX research and portfolio building.



In 2018, there is an abundance of UX graduate programs and accelerators. These tend to skew long, conceptual and academic or fast and executional. CU’s Studio falls somewhere in between and my approach teaching user experience design includes zooming out and in. I truly want my students to learn conceptual strategic thinking, but not without a mastery of the tools.





My own personal confidence as a professional woman in tech comes from hard work and experience. It comes from continuous learning - how to design and how to communicate. And while my sense of humor can be quite cynical, I am a digital optimist at heart. Being a digital optimist includes considering possibilities, being willing to trying on feedback, and imagining one another’s highest potential.

In a teacher role and in a team lead role, I invite others to build their own confidence through experience and walk whatever wild path they imagine.



This is an example of a very tactical, entry level lesson. Creating or using existing icons in a digital ecosystem is not rocket science, but covering the details enables students to bring confidence to their jobs after graduation. 





I love sharing my experience and guiding UX professionals. Teaching product leadership and UX can be shaped to fit any format.

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