The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is the world’s premiere organization leading the movie industry. I worked on a team to rebuild and redesign their website. The website mirrors the Academy’s role in Hollywood - accuracy, innovation and excellence. A primary goal of the site was to open up the walls of the Academy, and allow anyone anywhere to interact with their content and organization. The site won a Webby in 2015.


On this project, my role included wireframe fidelity UX and technical specifications, on both the website side and the custom CMS side.

CREATING A CUSTOM CMS is powered by drupal. The content management interface needed to be really easy to use by a number of people throughout the Academy’s organization. Regularly, events are added, videos are uploaded, news is posted and of course, awards are given. I worked closely with a backend development team to document what on the site needed to be edited via a content management system and what the workflow would be for content creators.

View the live site here -


Low / Medium Fidelity Site Documentation


Custom CMS Documentation